Sergio Reyes

Player rep 24/7 has changed my view on me as a person, after my junior career I didn’t know if I was Financially Stable to play college hockey, it does cost a lot and also didn’t have the grades to get into a 4 year school either. When Joshua contacted me about my options I told him that I was Leaning towards pro route, and with out the best junior hockey resume, I didn’t think I was going to get any chance at pro, but Joshua and his team were able to find teams that gain interested in me as a player, which gives me more confidence and hope to keep a dream alive! Thanks to Joshua and player rep 24/7 staff for giving me this opportunity!

-Sergio Reyes

Jordan Winrod

Jordan Winro

Player Rep 247 has helped me and my family out with getting my name out there and giving me many opportunities to go to main camps and showcases to get looks, they have also helped me with decisions on which teams to go to.

-Jordan Winrod

Spencer Lintonsmith

Player Rep 247 has helped me to get not only exposure, but also to establish connections to the teams and coaches needed to get myself to the next level. My family doesn’t come from a hockey background, so Josh has helped my family and me a great deal in guiding me to make the best decision on where I’ll find the most success.

-Spencer Lintonsmith

Spencer L EDITED

Anthony Contillo

“PlayerRep 24/7 helped me continue my professional hockey career in North America after spending some time in the European leagues. I would not have the opportunities I have now without the help of Josh and his staff. He is available anytime to discuss and provide options that are a good fit for players looking to take their game to the next level. I would recommend his agency to any hockey player looking to advance their hockey career.”

Thank you,

Anthony Contillo

Troy Henley

After 15 years of playing competitive hockey, I feel like I am currently at the highlight of my career so far due to the diligent commitment and support that Josh Deitsch has for his clients and myself. He is always looking for the best opportunities for his clients and pushes them to reach for the highest level of competition. My most recent upcoming opportunities are ones in which every hockey player, including myself, has dreamed of attaining. Thank you, Josh!

Troy Henley

Patrick Sullivan

Are you looking to achieve your hockey goals?

    If you are tired of being lied too, mislead or need guidance in achieving your hockey and academic goals then look no further. I am writing this because I reached out too Josh Deitsch of 24/7 sports rep and he has done nothing but do everything that I asked of him and help me in every way. Unlike most advisors, Josh is on top of me and what I do and reaches out to me a few times a week and is always looking to keep me and my family satisfied. When I gave him my goal for the upcoming season, he did exactly what I asked. Not only will he put you in the best situation possible, but will also make sure that you are treated fairly and put in a correct billet situation. Also unlike most advisors, he has a small clientele which is very key because he shows he actually cares about me and my well being in not only hockey, but in with everything I do in life. I am not writing this because I was asked or told to do so, only because Josh is not like any other and I wouldn’t be where I am without him and couldn’t be anymore grateful for him. If you want to achieve your hockey and academic goals then Josh is the perfect fit for you

Patrick Sullivan

Philip Siutz

Josh is a great guy who cares about each individual he works with. He is always available and is professional in all aspects of his work

Rhonda Henley

The effort and commitment to player success by Josh Deitsch and PlayerRep247, is unparalleled! My son has recently been given opportunities that have restored confidence, regained his life-long commitment andreflected upon where he's come from, what his worth is and where he wants to be! None of which could be possible without the support and dedication of succession by Josh..we sincerely thank you!

Rhonda Henley